State of St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Loughtagalla, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Two of societies golden rules remain as good today, as they have been in the past.

What rules are they, I hear you say.

* A person can check out the cleanliness of a hotel, by the state of its toilets.
* A person can check out a communities pride in its self, by the state of its local cemetery.

State of St. Patrick’s Cemetery Loughtagalla, Moyne Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
Pic: G. Willoughby.

While individual family graves in St. Patrick’s Cemetery Loughtagalla, Moyne Road Thurles are kept in pristine condition, maintenance under the control of Thurles Municipal District Council, leaves a lot to be desired.

[See image above of the area upon which people are being asked to walk in an effort to reach nearby family graves.]

It is also worthy of note that St. Patrick’s Cemetery, situated at Loughtagalla, Moyne Road, Thurles, is one of the very few graveyards in Tipperary which does not list those interred there on the internet, other than one very brief mention on the charity website Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

With people across the world anxious to trace their family histories, surely a website identifying graves in St. Patrick’s would greatly benefit in attracting tourists to an area where Tipperary Co. Council has deliberately and with great success, totally destroyed the town’s past existence.


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  • Katie

    George I totally agree with you. I have been trying to trace my Father John O’Connell for quite some time now. I believe he is buried in St.Patricks. All I know about him is that he worked for the O’Dwyers in Thurles and died at the Assumption Hospital. It is so confusing trying to trace someone in the Thurles area.He could be buried in a proper grave for all I know that’s my worry. I know he was connected with the Irish Army at some time.But got ill when he was working for the O’Dwyers in Thurles. Anyway, George stay well. We are having very hot weather. WISH WE HAD SNOW.

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