Safeguard Risk Of Drowning In Thurles.

We pointed out previously, in November last, the total lack of Litter Bins provided on the Suir river walkway here in Thurles, resulting in cheap wine bottles, cans and other litter being dumped into an already polluted and slowly dying river.

But another problem has also now arisen. Overgrown Willow tree branches are holding back our floating filth, (plastic bags, drink cans, waxed paper tubs, milk cartons, wine and beer bottles); and this litter filth, in turn, is holding back footballs (we counted 6) and tennis balls (we counted 4), close to the edge of the river bank.

Above 3 separate images demonstrate a need for Lifebuoys on River Suir in Thurles.

So what’s the problem, I hear you ask?
The river Suir is presently in flood and some child or indeed adult is likely to attempt to retrieve one of these footballs. Should any person slip into the river, there is not one item that can be used, with which to assist in their recovery from this extremely deep water.

There is not one Lifebuoy or Life Ring in the vicinity of this unguarded river.
The purchase cost of one MOB Ring with 30m of floating rope costs a mere €17.00. A galvanised steel pole and base for use as a Lifebuoy Case, is more expensive at €166.50, but when you consider how much money is already wasted by Tipperary Co. Council on other projects; the cost of basic lifesaving equipment is a mere pittance in comparison.

Readers, do take a stroll along this unguarded river walk yourself, next fine day, and surely you will agree three Lifebuoys are immediately required to meet the basic need for health and safety.
Note also people have carved out their own grass path close to the river’s edge, preferring same to the overpriced tarmacadam strips.


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