New Public Seating On Suir River Walkway.

A welcome Thurles Town upgrade.

This Summer (Deo volente) we can look forward to a more leisurely saunter and “Dwell Awhile”, [as is our new town tourist motto], beside the River Suir here in Thurles.

Regular walkers on the 150 metre stretch, directly behind the new Lidl Supermarket, will have noted the erection of cement bases over the past few weeks.
These bases were introduced to accommodate the new public seating recently erected.
This welcome new seating has been kindly sponsored by some local businesses, i.e., Dew Valley Foods (2 seats), Sherry Fitzgerald Gleeson (1 seat) and Seamus & Peg Hanafin (1 seat).

Sadly, as yet no bases have been erected to accommodate a couple of litter bins.
Evidence of the future results of this negligence can be observed in the picture, shown on right, above.

Hopefully some businesses may now offer to sponsor litter bins.


3 comments to New Public Seating On Suir River Walkway.

  • Chris

    The majority of littering in Thurles is because we have very few bins outside of Liberty Square. Anyway, I’ll be leaving Thurles, moving to the midlands in the coming weeks.

  • George Willoughby

    Problem with bins is that when full they need to be emptied. Insufficient staff employed within the council to undertake this work. Nothing in return for property tax payments. Sorry to hear you are moving – do stay in touch. Readers and I have greatly appreciated your informed comments.

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