New Text Message Warning.

It was only a matter of time before criminals would begin to target eFlow charges, in an effort to extract funding from the more gullible and those who insist in remaining IT illiterate.

With Tolls having being increased in January 2022 by 10% on 7 of the 8 PPP toll roads around the country – from €2.90 to €3.00 (M4) and from €1.90 to €2.00 (M1, N6, M7/M8, N8, N25WF, LT), it was inevitable that criminals would attempt to expand their existing criminal activities .

In numerous text messages sent out today, same show the senders Tel. No. 35385 1051698, demanding supposed outstanding overdue eFlow payments.

Text Messages Being Received read:-

eFlow: you have an outstanding amount due from a journey made in 2022.
Please pay now to avoid incurring any penalty charges. [The link shown to make payments is https://toll-online-]

Note: No details of arrears are shown and attackers on may trick you into doing something silly and indeed dangerous; e.g. like installing software or revealing your personal information such as your passwords, personal phone number, or credit card details.

All such messages should be immediately deleted on sight, and any attached links should not be activated.


3 comments to New Text Message Warning.

  • Michael


  • Katie

    Michael. We are constantly getting scams on our computers and mobile phones. But always delete them if we don’t Rega noise the number or name. Got a new one in last week on mobile phone someone saying they had a parcel for us but could not find our house. And left a number for us to ring them back, Of course Michael we knew this was a scam. Not expecting any parcel from anyone. Michael you have to be so careful and keep your Witts about you. So many elderly people getting caught with scams. Michael I find Joe Kenny’s site asking for too much personal information for their Facebook site. And this information is shared by others not a good move. Its Ano from us. Hope you are all keeping well. Michael we watched a program from Dublin the other night. Mary Lou McDonald gave a fabulous speech it was great. Katie.

  • Katie

    Michael. Is George all right. I have not seen his name on here for a while. Hope he is ok.

    Take care. Katie.

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