Tipperary Co. Council Continue To Waste Taxpayers Money.

Define ‘Neglect’:- A failure to look after; a failure to care for; failure to provide for; to leave alone or to abandon.

It’s called “putting the cart before the horse”, latter a figure of speech meaning to place things in the wrong order or with the wrong priorities. The meaning of the phrase is based on the common knowledge that a horse, for the most part, usually pulls the cart.

Tipperary Co. Council aided and abetted by Thurles Municipal District Council officials and elected councillors, have long years of practice in perfecting this same art, in the knowledge that taxpayers silently accept their pockets being picked.

River Suir Flooding Thurles. January 15th, 2023.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

The picture, shown above, adequately demonstrates the waste of public funding.

Here public finances have been used by Tipperary Co. Council, to lay a new tarmacadam footpath on the bank of the River Suir in Thurles; with both councils, having been warned in advance, time and time again, that the river itself not the pathway, required maintenance, following years of unforgivable neglect and abandonment.

This week one local councillor is “calling” for this same body of river water to be cleaned to avoid this flooding.

If and when this work is ever undertaken, the heavy machinery will move in. Can same operate avoiding the breaking of this river hugging, tarmac footpath?


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