First €200 Electricity Credit Due Tomorrow, Tuesday November 1st.

The first of three promised €200 electricity credits are expected to be made tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1st, to more than 2.2 million domestic accounts to offset rising energy costs here in the Irish Republic.
This €200 credit will be paid out automatically, and customers are not required to make any application in order to acquire same.

This money will be paid directly to all domestic electricity accounts, including both ‘bill pay’ and ‘pay-as-you-go’ customers.

The payment will appear on bills from the start of November and into December, depending on each household’s electricity supplier and their particular billing cycle.

The second and third €200 payments will be made to cover the January/February and March/April billing periods.

The total package of €600 in energy credits will equate to around 25% of the estimated annual bill for consumed electricity for the vast majority of typical domestic households.


1 comment to First €200 Electricity Credit Due Tomorrow, Tuesday November 1st.

  • Katie

    George how lucky is that credit to help with electricity bills. Here we are paying huge bills all around. Labor promised $275.00 but that’s gone by the wayside. Once Labor got in, no sign of the $275.00. Labor is going to bring Australia to its knees. That’s why we would never vote for them. Abbo as our PM is called has spent the last 6 months flying around the world on Taxpayers money and letting into Australia the wrong migrants. A lot of people around Australia are hoping he is voted out sooner than later. Giving away thousands of Taxpayers money to other country’s instead of looking after their own people. George how lucky is Ireland at least getting help towards your electricity bills. Everything going high sky here.

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