No Information On Why Thurles Street Lights Remain Extinguished During Rush Hour.

We have been receiving a number of queries over the past 6 weeks, with regards to the non-availability of public lighting in Liberty Square, Thurles, during the dark evening rush hour period.

We were aware that despite an energy crisis here in Ireland, over 56 lamp standards continuously remain lighting over a 24 hour period, each day, within the Thurles town precinct.
However, motorists are now informing us that lights are not illuminating our streets, as the local work force return home from their places of employment.

We sent out our “eye in the sky” to investigate at 5.45pm this evening, October 27th 2022.

See drone images hereunder:

Liberty Square Thurles, October 27th, 2022. Time 5:45pm.
Drone Image: G. Willoughby

We discovered that despite the promises by local Municipal District councillors and Tipperary Co. Council, to increased footfall on our widened pavements, same has been reduced to just one person riding on an electric scooter, and indeed most of the roadway lighting remains indeed extinguished as was reported.

Liberty Square Thurles, October 27th, 2022. Time 5:45pm.
Drone Image: G. Willoughby

Thurles.Info admits, for the first time, to being totally flummoxed, confused and perplexed and we apologise wholeheartedly, with complete sincerity, to our many readers, for being unable to answer their query.

Pointless emailing local councillors and officials, as they refuse to answer or are not familiar in the use of their email system. Still maybe, one of our Councillors might straighten their index finger and message us; spelling out the problem with the solution, before someone gets hit by a motor vehicle.


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