Aspects Of Thurles Centenary Co-op IT System Compromised.

In a message to their milk suppliers; on Monday last, we understand that Centenary Thurles Co-operative Society have advised farmers to monitor their bank accounts, their email service, and any other forms of stored data, in order to become aware of possible suspicious activity, over the coming days.

We understand that the Thurles Co-operative Society is working to resolve a suspected breach in their current IT system.

The Co-operative Society, run by the local farming community for the mutual benefit of its members and the Society, acknowledge that they have identified certain IT regularities within their system, but for security reasons have declined to further comment on what aspect of their system has been compromised.


1 comment to Aspects Of Thurles Centenary Co-op IT System Compromised.

  • Chris

    Their 1 liter cartons don’t come from Thurles anymore. They come from Kerry according to the EC code. Disappointing.

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