Installation Of Smart Meters Underway In Co. Tipperary.

The ESB Networks, or individuals working on their behalf, are currently replacing all electricity meters across Ireland to Smart meters.

The programme initially began in 2019, which means many meters have already been replaced. ESB Networks will let you know when they are coming to your area to replace your meter.

The installation of Smart meters, in Co. Tipperary, is currently underway. Same Smart meters are an upgrade to the previous analogue meters found in people’s homes and use the latest digital technology to give up-to-date details on a household’s electricity usage.
Smart meters mean that there will be no need for a visit from your friendly meter reader, latter calling every 4 months or indeed your grossly exaggerated estimated electricity bill.
Your Smart meter now can be read remotely, and you will then be supposedly able to access new smart services offered by electricity suppliers.
Once installed it takes 30 days for your smart meter to establish its connection to the ESB Network secure communications network.

Some one million Smart meters have already been installed in homes across Ireland to date, and NO, if you want electricity, you must have a Smart Meter installed. It is expected that all two million households in Ireland will have a smart meter in their home by 2024 or early in 2025.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator, are advising households, who have had a smart meter installed in their home, to contact their electricity supplier regarding the smart services they offer.
According to the CRU, all suppliers of electricity must offer Smart Price Plans to customers with a Smart Meter installed.

Smart services are supposed to give electricity users more choice, allowing them to move their electricity use to certain times of the day, thus allowing customers to choose price plans to suit their particular lifestyle.


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