Mark Collins Photographic Exhibition To Open in Cashel Library.

Mark Collins, an award winning photographer and Holycross resident, will hold an exhibition of his photographs entitled; “Attention/ Intention” in Cashel Library during the month of September.

Mark is pleased to invite any interested parties to the opening night of this exhibition starting on Tuesday 13th September at 7:00pm sharp in Cashel Library.

Refreshments served. Please remember to RSVP via Tel: 062 63825 please.

Having spent 20 years working as a cinematographer in the Australian film industry; in August 2019 saw Mark returning home to the land of his birth, Ireland.
Upon his seeing what was both his past and now present with fresh eyes, Mark was inspired to photograph his surroundings.

Informed by his love of cinema, he remains driven by a longing to highlight the inherent natural beauty, form and texture, particularly in places overlooked or unnoticed.

Previously behind the lens within film and cinema; Covid-19 lockdown saw Mark return to education, whereupon he studied photography at LCFE, School of Creative Media & Visual Arts, in Co. Limerick.
His studies have reignited a passion for both his home and visual storytelling.

In this exhibition of his latest 15 Photographic works entitled; “Attention/ Intention” , he now draws from his aesthetic roots in cinema, inviting viewers to see beyond classical notions of beauty. An active focus on the decontextualising of forms, Mark welcomes audiences to look beyond the categorisations of still life, landscape etc and allow our own imaginations to adventure across the visual terrain of his works.

“The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous”, the observer is invited into a creative dialogue with the pictures and asked what their own impressions of the world within the art is, what kinds of characters, forms and stories inhabit these worlds?

Mark’s careful and meditative approach to the detail and materiality of subject examines a notion to look more closely at the world around us and discover beauty, in unusual or unexpected places and moments.

Opening night on Tuesday September 13th, 2022 at 7:00pm. These photographs are unique editions of 5 per piece, and will be on show at Cashel Library for the month of September.

Note: Images are available for purchase through the front desk or by emailing the artist directly at


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