Doors Close On Oldest London Irish Bar “The Tipperary”.

Possibly London’s oldest Irish pub “The Tipperary”, latter situated at No 66 Fleet Street on the south side, in the city, has finally and sadly, had its doors closed for the last time.

A notice on its door states that Equivo Ltd have re-entered and secured these premises under an Interim Possession Order, issued in the County Court, dated 9th August 2022.

The Tipperary, was one of London’s oldest and most historic of Irish bars, having changed its name from the “Boars Head” after it was rebuilt following the ‘Great Fire of London’ in 1666.
The premises was understood to have been one of the first such licenced hostelries to serve Guinness to Irish emigrants.

Fleet Street in London was once a metonym for the British national press, with pubs on the street once frequented by journalists. However, much of the printing and publishing industry moved out of the area in the 1980s, after News International set up cheaper manufacturing premises in Wapping, East London.


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