Motorists Beware Of Severe Flooding Around Thurles.

Drivers are being asked presently to take great care while manoeuvring all vehicles around Thurles.

Due to the total lack of maintenance by Thurles Municipal District Council officials, most of the roads in the area are now flooded, due to a basic maintenance failure; to simply clean road drains.

Kickham Street, Thurles, August 15th, 2022.

Kickham Street east of the town is worst hit, with water running like a river from Willowmere Drive, down Kickham Street, as far as Cathedral Street Roundabout.

The N62 Slievenamon Road as far as Turtulla Cross is also experiencing flooding, due to this same problem, a failure to clean road drains.

Mill Road is seriously flooded, because a builder has waltzed off, leaving road drains packed with clay gravel etc.; no doubt their work signed off on behalf of Tipperary Co. Council, by a county, qualified, council engineer.

Mill Road south, Thurles, August 15th, 2022

At the Junction of Mill Road South and the turn off to the Archerstown Industrial Estate, latter travelling west, flooding is almost making the road impassable, once again, caused by the failure to open the shore into the nearby Poulaneigh river.


1 comment to Motorists Beware Of Severe Flooding Around Thurles.

  • Chris

    Go have a look at the vocational school in Castlemeadows, how this work was signed off by Tipperary County Council. Next door to Semple Stadium. It’s only a matter of time before someone hurts themselves

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