Thurles Wives.

Thurles Wives

Episode 3

Three years ago, Thurles housewife Mrs Brooklin Casey a part-time well known, investigative, free-lance journalist; packed her overnight bag and headed to Afghanistan, to study the culture and treatment of Afghan women, under the then Taliban regime.

On arrival Mrs Casey was shocked to discover that all married women in Afghanistan were expected to walk a minimum of ten paces behind their chosen male spouses.

Brooklin asked her guide, Mr Abdul-Badi, why and he said, “Because women are considered to be of a lesser status in Afghan society.”

An outraged Mrs Brooklin Casey, 5 days later, left Afghanistan; arriving home to Thurles, to flood Irish newspapers and magazines, each hard pressed for news; dispatches condemning the Taliban regime’s treatment of married women in their capitol city of Kabul.

Last year, following further armed conflict in Afghanistan, she decided to return to report on the further violence in the region and was surprised to see all women walking some ten paces in front of their spouse.

She turned to her guide who again luckily was Mr Abdul-Badi and this time she asked, “Why has this custom regarding women suddenly changed?”

Abdul-Badi explained, “Land mines.”


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