Thurles Wives.

Thurles Wives

Episode 2.

Four Thurles wives were waiting for a bus on Liberty Square in the town; on Saturday last.

As they waited the subject of each of their individuals social classes in local Tipperary society, became a topic for discussion.

The first wife Mrs Taytum Kenny says, “I’m a YUPPIE; you know, Young, Urban, Professional.”

The second wife Mrs Stefani Brown says, “I’m a DINK; you know, Double Income, No Kids.”

The third wife Mrs Arleth Hayes says, “I’m a RUB; you know, Rich, Urban, Biker.”

All three now turn to the fourth wife and one of them asks, “So what are you?”
Mrs Amelia Gilroy replies, “I’m a WIFE; you know Wash, Iron, Fold, Etc.”


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