€10.1m Paid Out To Staff In Irish Water Performance Related Bonus Payments.

Irish Water line management, over the past two years, have handed over to staff, more than €10.1m in performance related bonus payments.

Last year, Irish Water paid almost €5.2m in bonus payments to some 789 workers.

Same figure was increased from the €4.96m, that had been determined as eligible in 2020, to some 765 employees.

The average performance related award amongst the top 20 staff during last year, stood at a colossal €19,171 per person. The names of the individuals receiving these performance related awards, has been withheld from the public.

The 20 staff in receipt of the highest bonuses, during the previous year, (2020), are understood to have shared €385,460, or €19,273 per person.

Same bonuses are understood to be taxable, but are not counted for calculation in future retirement pensions.


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