€150 Fine For Using Disabled Parking Bay In Thurles.

Yesterday, Tipperary Roads Policing (Póiliniu Bóithre) unit observed a vehicle, incorrectly parked; while patrolling in the Liberty Square area of Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Picture courtesy Tipperary Roads Policing (Póiliniu Bóithre).

A motor vehicle was found to be parked in a disabled parking bay, situated east of the town.

Same vehicle was found to not display the necessary “Disabled Permit” badge. The driver, when questioned, did not to hold a permit and had used the disabled car parking space, before entering a local shop in the town.

As part of “Operation Enable” Garda enforcement; a fine of €150 was issued to the driver.

Garda are asking the public to please respect the current existing law in relation to parking in disabled parking bays, wherever same are found to be in situ.


1 comment to €150 Fine For Using Disabled Parking Bay In Thurles.

  • Martina Lowe

    There you go, I’m blue in the face pointing out not to park cars in disabled parking bays. They didn’t need to park there, it is for people with additional needs or who have walking mobility needs. I’m very strong in that area and I am sure people do not want to disrespect these parking places. Rant over.

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