Airtricity Increase Number Of Thurles Street Lights Burning 24 Hour Each Day.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. – Matthew Ch.5:V.16.

Airtricity visited Thurles yesterday; mounting the new Chinese granite walkways with their ‘Cherry Picker’ truck, to change the Liberty Square, streets lighting, just one year exactly to the date (17th May) on which they were first installed.

One had thought that their visit was to deal with the 25 street lights that, for months, remain currently burning, day and night, at the taxpayers expense.

It appears that their reason for visiting was to change the lighting heads on all the Liberty Square light standards. The reason for this extravagance we admit we are not sure, but hopefully it has something to do with reducing wastage.

The new heads of course are greyish white in colour, contrasting considerably with the dark support standards initially installed.

But one thing, we are sure; these installations of new light heads have now added two more street lights to the total number, (27 in all), now burning 24 hours each day, and again, as already stated, paid for at the overburdened taxpayers expense.

Forget elected councillors; one wonders if any of the few businesses now eking out a basic living on Liberty Square, actually have confidence in corresponding with their Municipal District Council Office administrator.

Again, remind me, “Why are we paying Property Tax?


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