New Gynaecological Health Clinic Opens At Nenagh Hospital, Co. Tipperary.

A specialist regional Clinic focused on women’s gynaecological health; located at a new €1.4m extension at Nenagh Hospital, Co. Tipperary, has now opened.

This regional clinic; the first new menopause clinic to be established outside of our capitol city, includes a specialist menopause clinic, which will give women speedier access to such medical services and hopefully cut drastically hospital admissions.

The new clinic is designed to improve women’s health through a new model of care through the HSE’s National Women’s and Infants health programme, and is expected, later this year, to provide a specialist fertility service, which will be consultant-led.

The clinic at Nenagh will provide ambulatory gynaecology services, including ultrasound and biopsy services, pelvic ultrasound, diagnostic hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy on site, following all referrals by area GP’s, while improving immediate access to diagnostics and treatment.

It will also provide services to teenage girls and adolescents who experience difficult gynaecological conditions in their teenage years.


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