Tipperary Farms To Get €1,000 To Prevent Future Fodder Shortage.

Minister for Agriculture Mr Charlie McConalogue has stated that he is finalising details of a funding plan, which he has brought to Cabinet for approval, aimed at supporting farmers, particularly those in the livestock sector.

The Minister said he wants to ensure that we grow enough grass over the course of this year, to ensure that we remain secure in terms of having enough fodder from next autumn to next spring.

He further stated that this is part of the process of responding to the challenge of there being war now on European soil, latter for the first time in over a generation, which could brings real challenges.

Livestock farmers will be able to avail of up to €1,000, under the new scheme, valued at €55 million, thus encouraging farmers to store sufficient fodder for animals past next winter.

The proposal being examined is to introduce a scheme which would incentivise beef and sheep farmers to grow hay or silage and pay up to a maximum of 10 hectares at €100 per hectare; thus ensuring farmers have the resilience to deal with any challenges that are there from the war in Ukraine.

The Agriculture Minister has already announced €20m in supports for pig farmers, €12m to encourage farmers to till extra land and €3m to support the horticulture sector.

Ongoing price increases in animal feed, fuel and fertiliser, together with other agriculture inputs, have seen beef and sheep farmers demanding help from the Government, with many saying the viability of their enterprises are severely threatened and will suffer income declines of between 13% and 25% in this current year.


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