Post Your Census Form If Not Already Collected.

People whose Census forms have not yet been collected are being asked to post it back to the Central Statistics Office, to the address PO Box 2021, Freepost 4726, Swords, Co Dublin.

Note: All Census forms returned, using An Post will be free of charge.

With all Enumerators now completing their collections and due to finish their contract at the end of this week; the CSO has urged people whose forms have not yet been collected to post same without delay.

Note Also: If a form has been lost or damaged, people can contact the CSO for a replacement form online or by calling Tel. No: 0818 202 04.

The CSO is already preparing to start processing incoming forms and hope to have some preliminary headline results before the end of June 2022.

Overall population figures for the country, are expected to be in excess of five million residents for the first time, since just after the Great Famine.


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