Last Morsels Of Thurles Towns Rich History Lost In Shadows Of Tar & Cement.

“If the Government is to restore public confidence in its ability to stop abuse or misuse of power, it needs to accelerate efforts to promote transparency and accountability in public office.”
Approximately, half of the Great Famine Double Ditch, the last morsels of Thurles Towns rich history is now gone for ever, courtesy of “cute hoorism” by local councillors and their attempts at self promotion.
Picture shows the base for the new inner relief road being installed. You can see from this picture that this new housing, in no way, impeded on this piece of national heritage.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

Before I discuss the current situation regarding the loss of the Great Famine Double Ditch now and over the coming days and weeks, I would like to make the following statement known, to a shocked 5 to 8 thousand daily readers of Thurles.Info.
I, George Willoughby, as a former proud member of the hugely respected Thurles Lions Club, wholeheartedly continue to support Thurles Lions club and their magnificent organisation in every possible respect, both in their past charitable efforts and in any future ventures.
Thurles Lions Club are an organization comprised of members that give selflessly to Thurles town and its environs. They are collectively motivated simply and solely by a desire to do good and to genuinely help others.
They are not currently and never have been, motivated by self promotion like our current local councillors, and millionaire chasing local politicians.
They never have and never will use and abuse causes which seek only self promotion.

Tar & Cement – Author Verdelle Smith.
“Many years later, tired at last
I headed for home to look for my past
I looked for the meadows, there wasn’t a trace
Six lanes of highway had taken their place
Where were the lilacs and all that they meant
Nothing but acres of tar and cement.
Yet I can see it there so clearly now
Where has it gone?
Yes I can see it there so clearly now
Where has it gone?”.

How Councillor Mr Seamus Hanafin [See last paragraph on Mr Hanafin’s Facebook page, dated February 20th 2022], went on to, quote, “acknowledge and thank Thurles Lions Club, who have been to the fore in this project” remains a total mystery to the Lions Club members with whom I spoke.

This evening March 25th, 2022, I wrote/sent the following email to the editor of the Tipperary Star, Mr Noel Dundon.

The text reads as follows:-
To Mr Dundon,
It is with regret that I must now insist that no further photographs (being my intellectual property) either taken in the past, or photographs from my current social media pages and websites, are to be used in any of your publications.
As you will be aware 99% of pictures taken and published in the Tipp Star in the past 40 years, were given to your publications totally free of charge.

However, recently you promoted Councillor Seamus Hanafin in an article which I find totally untrue.  It claimed that Thurles Lions Club was involved in the Thurles River Walk path project, suggesting that the club were involved in the loss of the Great Famine Double Ditch.

In publishing this article you used my picture/image of Thurles River Walk, firstly without crediting the author and secondly using details in your text that I regard as untrue.

This picture must now be removed from all on line publications immediately.

From recent talks with Thurles Lions Club members, no funding came from the Lions club organisation, for these projects and as a former Lions Club member and strong supporter of International Lionism, I find that their name is now being used incorrectly in relation to recent lost heritage; lost to the business people of Thurles, its residents and Thurles Tourism.

It is with regret therefore that I can no longer commit to allowing any of my work to be used in your local papers/editorials. 
Previous permissions granted are now fully rescinded.
It is also disappointing to note that at no time over the past 3 years did any of your publications, despite being approached, attempt to support Thurles people in retaining now defunct heritage; instead deciding to churn out the effluvium sent to you by local councillors and politicians.
From next week I personally will no longer purchase your weekly publication, in protest.

I remain,
Yours Sincerely

George Willoughby.

In the next few days Thurles.Info will be discussing my dealings over the past 3 years with our Government Departments; that of Heritage, National Parks & Wildlife Service, latter in their failure in protection, granted by Section 40 of the Wildlife Act, while under the governance of Green Party Minister for State Mr Malcolm Noonan, and finally the National Monument service, and Tipperary Co. Council’s Heritage Office, all of which are no longer fit for purpose in modern Ireland.


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