Covid-19 Cases 18,208, Up 3,924 Cases As Reported Yesterday On Irish Mainland.

In the Irish Republic, the number of people with Covid-19 in hospital has risen to alarmingly to the highest level in more than seven weeks.

The Republic’s Department of Health has confirmed that it has been notified of 9,186 cases confirmed by PCR tests, with an additional 6,752 people registering a positive antigen test result through the HSE portal yesterday ; altogether a total of 15,938 or an increase of 4,256 within the past 24 hours.

There were 907 patients currently suffering from the virus in the republic’s hospitals, as of this morning, with numbers increased by 30 on the same time yesterday. Of these, there were 37 patients with Covid receiving treatment in intensive care units, a decrease of 4 on the same time yesterday.

The Republic’s seven-day positivity rate has now increased, up to 34.1%, from a rate of 30.4% last Friday and 27.9% 14 days ago.

Sadly, 21 deaths have been confirmed, bringing the total number of Covid-19-related deaths in the Republic of Ireland, since the start of the pandemic, to 6,599.

In Northern Ireland today, a further 2,270 cases of coronavirus were reported, down from 2,602 cases reported yesterday.

There are 467 patients with Covid-19 in northern hospitals, down from 483 on yesterday, with 1 Covid patient receiving intensive care.
Sadly, 1 more Covid-19-related death has also been reported in Northern Ireland today, bringing their death toll, since the start of the pandemic, to 3,246.


Covid-19 infections have also risen in the UK, with infection levels in Scotland rising each week for some 6 weeks in a row. Across the UK as a whole, 2.6 million people were estimated to have contracted coronavirus last week, up from 2.4 million.

As of March 9th 2022, mainland China had reported 112,385 cases with confirmed symptoms, including local ones and those arriving from outside the mainland. Chinese Health authorities reported 31,402 new cases today, and 180 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Like it or like it not, time to put those masks back on while in public places.


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