Thurles, Co. Tipperary At Low Tide.

The next local elections in the Irish Republic will not take place possibly before May or June 2024, so current Thurles Municipal District Councillors are not expected to come out of hibernation until then, except for photographs in relation to donations, collected by others within our generous community, to aid war displaced Ukrainian refugees.

Kickham Street, Thurles, at low tide today.

Certainly, no local double jobbing Councillors were photographed today on Kickham Street or on Slievenamon Road in the town.

15 Year old neglected footpath, flooding issue, available for viewing on Slievenamon Road, Thurles.

Thurles Councillors, all currently enjoying the fruits of their elected office have also failed to inform Ms Sharon Scully (Thurles Administrator) and Mr Thomas Duffy (Executive District Engineer) of the problems pictured above.

Looks like we may have to contact Thurles Lions Club, to locate the necessary funding for “Off Road Walking”.


1 comment to Thurles, Co. Tipperary At Low Tide.

  • Katie

    George this is absolutely shocking. It looks like one is looking at old photos of the war. What type of Councillors are suppose to be in charge? Do they not think that this type of filth causes all types of bacteria and with this virus still very much in sight. George these Councillors should be sacked. Obviously they can’t do the job which they are been paid for. St.Patrick’s Day parade in Brisbane on Saturday. Hope the rain stays away.


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