€31.2m Announced By Transport Minister For Tipperary Roads. is pleased to announce €31.2 million euro for roads across Co. Tipperary, confirmed yesterday by Transport Minister.

One window on Kickham Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

As I listen to the filthy, scummy water strike the front window of my humble home for hours today; I read the positive, yet imaginary scripts, in the press and social media, attempting to bolster Mr Michael Lowry TD’s position in Government.

Mr Lowry, who rarely can be spotted in our principal chamber, of the Oireachtas, got in first with his press release to local press, (latter who would publish anything), highlighting and welcoming recent funding of €31.2million, allocated for the neglected roads across Co. Tipperary.

Sadly, Fianna Fáil TD, Mr Jackie Cahill’s PR agents were too slow off the mark; only managing to make Mr Cahill’s own social media page; declaring only €32 million.

Mr Cahill, always faster to get in touch, when it comes to announcing that which he had no hand act or part in; thus supporting his efforts to appear powerful; was also like Mr Lowry, very pleased, “to receive confirmation from the Minister for Transport, that Tipperary County Council has been allocated over €31 million in this year’s Regional and Local Roads Programme“. No one told his Press Team about the extra €218,438 received in loose change.

But the joke was in the finer detail of Mr Cahill’s PR social media script, quote; “I am continuing my work as Tipperary’s Government T.D. to ensure that these strategic developments happen (Namely the Thurles Inner Relief Road announced in 2013, planning to wipe out the Great Famine, Double Ditch & the Latteragh Road Realignment Upgrade announced in April 2017), and I will continue to work with colleagues in Government to see these projects progress”.
Mr Cahill or Mr Lowry, despite chasing millionaires, did not mention their continuous failure, over past number of years in office, to get funding for that elusive “Thurles Bypass”, plans of which were first put on display for public consultation 13 years ago, on October 1st, 2009.

Neither Mr Lowry and his “Lowry Team” nor Mr Cahill and his “deceptive imagination”, have the power to fill a couple of potholes on the badly neglected streets of Thurles.

Although both TD’s were contacted; together with all local Municipal District councillors and officials, about the current neglect of Kickham Street, Thurles, all have remained incapable of sending even one simple positive reply or even filling one small road depression.


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