108 Deaths Related To Covid-19 Confirmed Since Last Wednesday In Irish Republic.

The Department of Health here in the Republic of Ireland have confirmed a further 5,268 PCR-confirmed cases of Covid-19; with a further 4,613 positive antigen tests logged through the HSE portal.
Same above confirmed figures bring the total number of virus cases in the Irish Republic, to 9,881; up a further 1,066 cases on yesterday’s reported figures.

On the Irish mainland in the past 24 hours, 12,770 new cases have been confirmed; up 968 on yesterday’s reported figures.

The Department of Health has also reported 108 deaths related to Covid-19 since last Wednesday, bringing the total number of deaths linked to the virus to 6,399.

There are 631 people currently in hospital with the virus, down 6 on figures reported yesterday.

A further 2,889 cases of coronavirus were reported in Northern Ireland in the past 24 hours, down from 2,987 on yesterday’s reported figures.

There were 474 patients with Covid-19 in northern hospitals; down 2 on yesterday and of these, 12 patients remain in intensive care units, down 1 on yesterday.

Sadly, 5 Covid-19-related deaths have also been reported in Northern Ireland today, bringing the total number of deaths linked to Covid-19, since the start of the pandemic, to 3,165.
Yesterday also, Stormont’s chief scientific adviser, Professor Ian Young, warned people residing in Northern Ireland that the lifting of Covid-19 legal restrictions, should not be viewed at present as “freedom day”.

In New Zealand Covid-19 infections have reached a record high, as police fail to clear anti-vaccine protesters and their vehicles, latter blocking the streets around their countries parliament.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s daily count of new coronavirus cases has topped 90,000 for the first time, same caused by the fast-spreading Omicron variant; almost doubling their previous daily tallies, within the past 7 days, despite 86% of their population having been fully vaccinated and 58% having received a booster shot.

In Japan yesterday, there were 236 new coronavirus fatalities, their worst ever one-day Covid death total.


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