Irish Government Planning 33 High Level Visits Abroad For St. Patrick’s Day.

While the St. Patrick’s Day annual parade here in Thurles has been called off, due to a lack of interest by the controlling organisers; the Irish Government are planning at least 33 high level visits next month, on March 17th, in an attempt to bring Christianity to those heathens abroad.

Those Ministers travelling abroad will be carrying three leaved Shamrock, to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity, (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit), to the pagans and warmongers, they expect to run into; their travel expences paid in full at the Irish taxpayers expense.

As a taxpayer continuously over a period of some 60 years, to be totally honest, I don’t mind contributing to the vast sums of money spent by Irish TD’s, as they make plans to go flying, with their entourage of loyal courtiers, to all over the world, for St. Patrick’s Day, 2022.

What I do strongly object to, however, in some cases, is paying for their return tickets, if you get my meaning.

We learn from press reports, over the past week, that An Taoiseach, Mr Micheál Martin will visit London the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, before visiting Washington on St. Patrick’s Day; as the annual excuse for ‘Patron Saint visits’ takes off fully, for the first time, since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020.
Last year, 2021, US President, Mr Joe Biden and An Taoiseach, Mr Micheál Martin met virtually on St. Patrick’s Day. This St. Patrick’s day same can now touch elbows, as sanitised crystal bowls change hands and both men declare their undying love for liberty, democracy, free speech and each other.

An Tánaiste, Mr Leo Varadkar will be heading supposedly to South America, visiting Columbia and Chile. [Note to Customs, check all diplomatic bags and other luggage on arrival back in Dublin, just to be sure.]
Green Party Leader, Mr Eamon Ryan will for a couple of days, be ignoring a considerable chunk of his carbon footprint, as he visits in New York.
Minister for Finance, Mr Paschal Donohoe is set to travel to London and the Netherlands.
Minister for Public Expenditure, Mr Michael McGrath will go to San Francisco, the cultural, commercial and financial centre in the U.S. state of California; before moving on to the bustling west coast seaport of Vancouver, in lower British Columbia, latter on the westmost coast of Canada.
Minister for Children, Mr Roderic O’Gorman will travel to Philadelphia and New York.
‘Teacher’s Pet’, Minister for Education, Ms Norma Foley will be visiting “A place you all know well”, as the ballad states, namely Boston, populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States.
Minister for Higher Education, Mr Simon Harris will visit France.
Minister for Children, Mr Roderic O’Gorman will travel to Philadelphia and New York.
Minister for Justice, Mrs Helen McEntee will visit Savannah, in the state of Georgia; the county seat of Chatham County.
Minister for Health, Mr Stephen Donnelly will travel to Austin, the capital city of the U.S. state of Texas.
Chief whip, Mr Jack Chambers will head to Los Angeles.
Attorney General, Mr Paul Gallagher is set to travel to Washington.
Minister for Arts, Ms Catherine Martin will travel to Argentina.
Minister of State, Mr Colm Brophy will visit Mexico.
Minister of State, Ms Pippa Hackett will visit Greece.
Minister of State, Mr Thomas Byrne will head for Italy.
Minister of State, Mr Patrick O’Donovan will go to the “Windy City”, Chicago on Lake Michigan, the most populous city in the U.S. state of Illinois.

Despite an open invitation, there were no Ministers willing to take on the greening of Wuhan, that sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province; for some unknown reason to this author, but sure all is not lost yet, for it is believed that there will also be a number of other Ministerial visits not yet decided.

No, I’m not jealous. Me, I’m just wondering will there be anyone left to mind the shop.


1 comment to Irish Government Planning 33 High Level Visits Abroad For St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Katie

    George. No mention of a visit to Australia. Why should we ask ourselves that question? I am constantly trying to find out why the Irish Tax payers hard earned money even has to come to a wealthy country like Australia. I know the Irish Association in Brisbane seems to thing the Gold Coast is another country. They absolutely do nothing for the Expat Elderly Irish which these huge funds they receive every year are suppose to be to help the Irish in need. The Irish government should stop sending any monies to other countries who certainly don’t need there help. And look in there own back yard first. Ireland first. When we ran the Irish and Australian club we would not have dreamed to ask our country for money. We had a great club going. I am now been inundated to start it up again. But George I just might do that again. We had two lovely ladies who used to make the Soda Bread. Always had Irish stew as well and great music. And not forgetting the huge Irish Flag which I still have. Always on stage as well as the Aussie flag.

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