National Transport Authority, Grant Over 6.5 Million For Tipperary Infrastructure.

Last week Tipperary Co. Council were informed that they had receive €6,666,601 from the National Transport Authority (NTA), for the provision of walking and cycling infrastructure in the county.

One long overdue project, namely the extremely dangerous junction situated at Bowe’s Corner, (latter connecting Friar Street west, with Abbey Road (west – R660) and Matthew Avenue north, with Butler Avenue/Iona Avenue (south), not forgetting the Colm Yard Lane (west) and Railway Road (west) in Thurles, has been allocated .5 million euro, same to be spent in an effort to make this area safer for both pedestrians and more importantly in this case for motorists, latter often blinded by late evening sun and objects obstructing full clear visibility.

No timeline for this work has yet been determined, however Thurles (west side) can again expect considerable disruption in the area, while this works is being carried out. Hopefully, “Yield” and “Stop” signs will end up facing in the right direction, unlike same presently being neglected in Thurles town over the past 9 months. [See HERE.]

“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Following this announcement, some inactive local TD’s and Councillors, from various political persuasions, were quick off the mark; “like the proverbial bat out of Hell”, each claiming responsibility for acquiring this ‘grand chunk’ of funding.

Thurles Independent Councillor Mr Jim Ryan expressing particular delight stating that since being elected as a member of Thurles Town Council, he had been raising this issue. He further stated that he was thrilled that this .5 million will be spent in the area, thus guaranteeing a safer experience for all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. “This is very good news for Thurles and I compliment the county council engineers and staff for pursuing the project”, he stated.

To be fair, our records do show that indeed Councillor Jim Ryan was the first to highlight this dangerous junction, and was even responsible with successfully forcing some safety changes in the past, undertaken by the local Council.

Not suprisingly, Tipperary Fianna Fáil TD, Deputy Mr Jackie Cahill quickly grabbed the headlines, according to local press reports, stating he was absolutely delighted to receive confirmation from none other than his colleagues in Government, that the Bowe’s Corner Junction Improvement Scheme had been allocated .5 million for major improvements, all courtesy of his imaginary imput.
He failed however to name his colleague in Government who informed him, but reiterated his delight in seeing his hard work paying off. He also was gracious enough to include fellow local Fianna Fáil councillors, namely Mr Seamus Hanafin and Mr Seán Ryan, for working on this and other numerous road and footpath projects in the county.

Independent TD, Deputy Mr Michael Lowry, despite his “Lowry Team” supporters, was last to hear of the success of county council staff, but eventually got around to welcoming the overall allocations, stating that this funding would help make urban centres, throughout the county and the country, more attractive places to live, work, visit and be unemployed.
Well one would hope so, surely these financial allocations, paid for by the Irish taxpayer, are not intended to make the county and the country more repugnant or inefficacious.

Perhaps, some of the above councillors or others would be equally as fast, as to put their ‘curser indicator to computer screen’, to answer the following.

* What Thurles taxpayers are anxious to know is when will the other half of the 12 million Euro, Liberty Square project be completed, latter financed by taxpayers and now three years in the offing, to the detriment of traders and consumers?
* Will Friar Street, in Thurles town, be completely under siege from both ends, (Westgate & Bowe’s Corner) in 2022 or will it be 2023/24 or even 2025 perhaps?
* Will GAA match followers, arriving from the north east and south by rail, now be steered up Abbey Road, through Kennedy Park, to Semple Stadium, thus avoiding Liberty Square altogether?

But sure look, when you are an ineffective councillor or a politician residing in Thurles, you have to be saying something in the press and on social media, in the slim hope that the electorate are stupid enough to vote you back into office, come next elections.


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