Tipperary ESB Engineer Attacked & Injured By Rutting Stag.

A 63 year old Tipperary ESB engineer, who was attacked by a Stag, on September 12th 2016, before being tossed through the air, has sued his employers in the High Court.

Mr John Corcoran, with an address at Fawnlough, Nenagh, Co Tipperary; an engineer with the ESB, was on his way to check on an ESB mast, when the Stag attacked him on a forestry path on the 445metres (1460 feet) high Kilduff Mountain [Cnoc Na Coille Duibhe], Borrisnafarney, a hill north west of Templemore, Co. Tipperary.

Note: The three largest species of deer (red, fallow and sika) all rut in early autumn, with Stags pumped full of testosterone; becoming highly aggressive in parklands, often attacking and injuring people and other unrelated animals.

Mr Corcoran informed Mr Justice Paul Coffey that he came upon a herd of deer as he went about his work, on a forest track, before being attacked from behind by the Stag, whose antlers creating eight puncture wounds in his rucksack and injuring his shoulder area, as he tried to escape his attacker. The force of the attack propelling him through the air over a bank and into nearby scrub.

The stag then continued its attack using his feet and antlers, before reared up on his hind legs and crashing down on him, forcing him to lose consciousness for some 10 to 12 minutes.

It was claimed that Mr Corcoran had been allowed to work alone in a hilly area during the deer mating / rutting season, when it ought to have been understood that it was dangerous and unsafe to do so.

Mr Corcoran’s counsel Mr Edward Walsh SC, instructed by Mr Sean Fitzgerald solicitor, informed the court that Mr Corcoran is left with lifelong medical deficits, leading to the spoliation of his career, with his claim for loss of earnings amounting to a total of some €420,000.

Mr Corcoran went back to his employment in February 2017, but on medical advice retired early in November of the same year, having spent in total 38 years working with the ESB.

Mr Justice Paul Coffey was informed that liability had been admitted in the case, which was now before the court, for the assessment of damages only.

The case before Mr Justice Paul Coffey is expected to conclude tomorrow.


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