Covid-19 Cases Reach 4,879 On Island Of Ireland Today.

The Department of Health has confirmed a further 3,685 cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours here in the Republic of Ireland.

As of 8:00am this morning, 444 Covid-19 patients were in our hospitals, 19 fewer than at the same time yesterday. Of these, 74 are in intensive care units down 2 on yesterday’s reported figures.

The Economic and Social Research Institute reports that of people accessing restaurants, some 34% are not having their Covid Certs checked, and the Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Mr Adrian Cummins has stated that he is ‘deeply concerned’ at the possibility of the reintroduction of restrictions on the hospitality industry. He is now calling for an increase in inspections by the HSE and the HSA and for sanctions to be introduced for those businesses refusing to do the right thing while dragging the sector down.

In Northern Ireland, their Department of Health has confirmed 1,194 positive cases and, sadly, six deaths in the past 24 hours.

A total of 215 cases of the newly identified Delta plus Covid variant, has been detected on the island of Ireland, health agencies on both sides of the Border have confirmed this week.

In the North the Public Health Agency (PHA) has confirmed 125 such cases, while 90 cases of this variant have been detected here in the Irish Republic.

Enough people are NOT adhering to very basic transmission-prevention practices, hence the rise in Covid cases. Please do continue to keep yourself and your family safe by regularly washing your hands and wearing a mask when appropriate.


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