River Suir Pedestrian Walkway Closed.

As we posted on October 10th last; the decision to close the River Suir walkway to all pedestrians; [starting from the “Swinging Gates” at the junction of Thomond Road and Emmet Street, through to the junction of Slievenamon Road and Clongour Road.], forecast to commence on October 5th according to the Tipperary Co. Council website had failed to materialise.

Work eventually began yesterday, seven days late (October 12th) starting at the Thomond Road and Emmet Street junction. Currently the work being undertaken appears to be the installation of ducting to carry wiring for proposed future public lighting.

No drawings or details have been provided by council officials for this upgrade work, with those responsible claiming that such resurfacing of this existing pedestrian way and other works, does not require design drawings. They claim a Habitats Directive Assessment Screening Report has been carried out for this proposed work, with a local fisheries representative having been consulted.

Most people believe that this threatened upgrade is really to provide a cycling path, instead of the existing footpath, along the river bank, at the expense of leisurely pedestrian traffic and much badly needed seating areas.


3 comments to River Suir Pedestrian Walkway Closed.

  • Chris

    It’d say it’s highly unlikely to be used as a cycle lane as there’s already cycle lanes along the N62/Clongour road. It’s more to do with accessibility for disabled people and buggies/prams. The closure and lack of maintenance of the mall for two months to facilitate construction of Lidl caused weeds to grow up through the tarmac damaging the current footpath. The river needs to be attended to ASAP. River bank and trees cut back and it badly needs to be dredged. Not excusing the councils lack of communication and consultation with people of Thurles though, as you know George regarding the double ditch this is their new policy.

  • George Willoughby

    I would possibly disagree with you here Chris. The “Cycle Lane” finishes outside the old Thurles Council offices. My argument is the fact that the width of the promised, new pathway is 3 meters (almost 10ft), according to social media and radio reports. This will remove necessary green areas. But money should have been spent instead on the river itself. The smell is appalling.

  • Michael

    I agree with you George

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