Further 3,261 Covid-19 Cases On Irish Mainland.

Republic of Ireland
The Department of Health has confirmed a further 1,789 new cases of Covid-19 here in the Republic of Ireland.
The number of people in our hospitals, suffering from the virus, currently stands at 360 patients, of whom 56 are being treated in our intensive care units, (ICUs).
The total number of deaths, confirmed from Covid-19 in the Republic, has now risen to 5,112, with 20 deaths confirmed in the past week.

NPHET in its latest communication to Government has stated that the virus situation here is most likely to get worse, before it improves, with the biggest risk occurring amongst those who are failing to get themselves vaccinated.

Northern Ireland
Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, their Department of Health has confirmed 1,472 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hour. A further 9 deaths of patients, who had previously tested positive for Covid-19, sadly, has also been reported.
This morning, in Northern Ireland, there were 418 Covid-positive patients in hospital, with 46 of these in intensive care.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as “Mu” (known scientifically as B.1.621 variant), which was first identified in Colombia in January 2021. This virus variant has mutations that indicate a risk of resistance to current vaccines. Having, as stated been first detected in Colombia, “Mu” has since been reported in other South American countries and also in Europe.

Try To Stay Safe.


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