Covid Cases On Island Of Ireland Confirmed At 3,416 In Last 24 Hours.

There have been 1,866 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed by the Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland today.

The number of people hospitalised who have tested positive for the disease stands at 331, eight more than we reported yesterday.

Of those hospitalised, 61 are receiving attention in intensive care units, an increase of five further patients overnight.

Northern Ireland:

In Northern Ireland their Department of Health have confirmed 1,550 new confirmed cases in the last 24-hours. There are 376 Covid-positive patients in their hospital, of which 41 remain presently in intensive care.
Sadly, four further coronavirus patients, identified in the north of the country, have died today.

Sadly also, the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) here in the Republic, have confirmed that the total number of Covid-related deaths in Ireland now stands at 5,092; up a further 18 over the previous 7 days.

NPHET is now publicly calling for 90% of those over 16 years of age to be fully vaccinated, before a further widespread easing of any restrictions is brought to fruition. It is estimated that this target will take some six weeks to be fully attained.

Please do stay safe by following all health advice in order to best protect ourselves and those around us.


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