Alert Regarding Covid-19 Increases Across North Tipperary, Limerick & Clare.

Health officials have issued a public alert in an effort to warn about Covid-19 cases in the Mid-West region, latter which includes North Tipperary, Limerick, and Clare, and which is being observed as experiencing the highest increases of the virus since last February.

The HSE warn that outbreaks are indicating widespread community transmission that is disturbing. There are a rising number of cases in long-term care facilities, workplaces, social settings, in sports teams and among the vulnerable population.

In issuing a public health alert, they claim they have recorded 998 Covid-19 cases in the region over the past 14 days, more than a third of which were recorded since last Friday.

Over the past 14 days weeks, there have been 186 in North Co. Tipperary, 624 cases in Co. Limerick and 188 in Co. Clare.

On dates between August 13th and August 15th, there were 79 cases in North Co. Tipperary, 221 cases reported in Co. Limerick and 40 in Co. Clare. There were 122 cases recorded on Friday alone; 29 of which were in North Co. Tipperary, 81 in Co. Limerick and 12 in Co. Clare, with no known single events that were contributing to the increase in these new infections.

It is now a case that our ability to map the disease is becoming more difficult and a strong reminder to all to stick with public health measures and vaccines as requested.

With 1,558 new cases confirmed nationally yesterday, the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) says further restrictions will not be eased at the beginning of September, if Covid cases continue to rise. The five-day moving average has increased by 27% in the past two weeks, and now stands at 1,854.


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