908 Covid-19 Cases Confirmed On Whole Island of Ireland Today.

Cases of Covid-19, numbering in total 908, have been confirmed on the whole island of Ireland today Saturday, with a further 448 cases confirmed in the Republic and 460 cases confirmed in Northern Ireland.

Confirmed number of Covid cases in Tipperary in the 14 days to June 28th last.

Here in the Republic, there are 42 people currently hospitalised and an unchanged 14 persons remaining in intensive care units (ICU).

Mr Paul Reid (HSE Chief Executive) has confirmed that almost 4.3 million vaccines have now been administered here to date, as Ireland prepares for another surge in coronavirus cases, brought about due to virus variant Delta.
Some 48% of adults, or 1.8 million people, have now received two doses of the vaccine, while another 68%, or 2.56 million, have had their first dose.
Mr Reid has warned that the country should plan for the Delta variant with both ‘concern’ and ‘a level of confidence’, as our vaccination programme continues to speed-up. The Delta variant now accounts for 75% of Covid-19 cases in Northern Ireland, and possibly as much as 70% of new cases here in the Republic.

As Thurles.Info stated yesterday, 750 pharmacies can begin administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to people in the 18-34 age group who have registered; with the AstraZeneca jab, following on from July 12th next.

We are aware today that the Irish Government has contacted all EU member states, offering to buy spare vaccine doses, with an agreement already in place to see Ireland buy one million mRNA vaccine doses from Romania.

HSE Cyberattack

The majority of the HSE’s servers have now been decrypted, following the chaos caused by the recent Russian ransomware cyberattack, same likely to cost the health service half a billion euro.

While the majority of servers have now been decrypted, it will still take some time before the HSE’s functionality is fully complete.

Meanwhile, Some 79% of its computer devices, are now operating as normal.


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