448 New Additional Virus Cases Reported In Irish Republic.

While appallingly, misguided, Tipperary TD, Mr Mattie McGrath, believes that all Dáil Éireann TDs have acquired degrees in Medicine and Science in the past 16 months; he now, laughingly demands that, quote, “Government need to take the reins on the easing of restrictions and stop giving NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team) full control”.

Our other equally misguided, elected Tipperary TDs, [Namely Mr Alan Kelly, Mr Jackie Cahill and Mr Michael Lowry], continue to waste Dáil time in their attempts to get pubs and restaurants open. These efforts come despite qualified scientific advice to the contrary, while same TDs attempt to keep their bone idleness in the spotlight, by publishing condolences on

How many more Irish citizens must lose their lives as a direct result of misinformation bandied about by those anxious to hear the sound of their own unqualified and ill-informed voices?
Truth is, none of these TDs care a ‘tinker’s curse’ about the 5,000, much loved, family members who sadly lost their lives, following Covid-19 virus diagnosis; their deaths sadly, due to pressure being put on acting Government Ministers, by those whose only claim to fame are overpaid TDs in opposition.

We note they always put ‘TD’ after their names on RIP, in the hope that regardless of their current idleness and time wasting in Dáil Éireann, they may still be identified, come the next General Election.

Meanwhile, as Tipperary politicians continue to fail in their responsibilities to Co. Tipperary communities, the Department of Health this evening has confirmed there have been 448 new additional virus cases reported in the Irish Republic. (Same case numbers are subject to future data validation, because of the Russian Cyber-attack on the HSE’s notifying system.)

Sadly, there have been 2 further deaths within the past 24 hours, with the number of people who have died, following a diagnosis of Covid-19, now standing at some 5,000 Irish residents.

The number of persons in ICU currently stands at 14, unchanged since yesterday.

Deputy Chief Medical officer Dr. Ronan Glynn, has raised grave concerns regarding Covid-19 numbers in Dublin and the very significant increase in our neighbouring county of Waterford, latter with 180 and 200 cases to date in the town of Dungarvan.

Professor Philip Nolan has stated that the Covid-19 virus is growing at a rate of 2% per day.

The total worldwide number of virus cases identified up to 6.00pm this evening, now stands at well over 182.36 million confirmed cases, with global deaths at almost 3.95 million and rising.

Please do continue to behave responsibly in order to protect each other.


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