Leaving Certificate Exams Begin Today.

The 2021 Leaving Certificate Examinations begin today after a second year of remote learning and educational upheaval owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Unlike last year, students this year have the option of accepting an accredited grade, doing an exam or both. If they opt to do an exam and accept an accredited grade, their final result will be whichever of the two grades is higher. 

Interestingly, of this year’s 61,000 or so Leaving Certificate pupils, the overwhelming majority have opted to accept a combination of accredited grades and exams. Less than 10 per cent of pupils have opted for accredited grades only, while less than 5 per cent have opted for written exams only.

Whether sitting an exam or accepting an accredited grade, the class of 2021 have faced additional and unprecedented stress and challenges. Students are urged to share their worries and seek help and support from a parent, teacher, family member or friend if they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

We at wish the Leaving Certificate Class of 2021 the very best for their exams. 

For more information on the Leaving Certificate 2021, visit or view the Leaving Certificate Examination 2021 Timetable by clicking HERE.


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