Thurles.Info’s Mid-Week Giggle.

Lockdown is starting to lift, but with today’s miserable weather thought our readers would benefit from a midweek ‘lift’ also.
Here’s one especially for all you dog and cat lovers out there. 

In the video featured hereunder, watch the incomparable Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Coleman, Julian Clareyand others read this hilarious set of letters aloud. They are sure to give you all a well earned midweek laugh. 

In 2014, author, journalist and literary critic, Nicholas Lezard, wrote an article for the Guardian Newspaper (Click HERE to review).
In it, Mr Lezard made his views on dogs quite clear. They were, as far as he was concerned, inferior to cats. Readers and dog lovers everywhere took umbrage at this assertion and what followed was a series of witty retorts in the form of letters to the editor. 


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