Many Thurles Hands Make Light Work In Sliabh Na mBan Meadows

The young, the old, the brave and the bold came, their duty to fulfill. [Line from verse 2 -“Spancil Hill”]

Sliabh na mBan Meadows Annual Spring Clean

A large turnout of persons, all residents of Sliabh na mBan Meadows housing estate, eagerly set about their annual Good Friday clean, on April 2nd last.

Strictly observing National Public Health Guidelines regarding C-19 virus restrictions; eight determined women and two men, equally displaying resolve, (one ‘trailer man’ missing from picture) armed with shovels, yard brushes, spades and rakes, arrived out to start their own Easter Rising of 2021.

Woe betide any weeds, leaves, or discarded other, that came into their field of vision; same quickly finding themselves in the dark insides of a black plastic refuse sack, and “before you could say Jack Robinson.

For your pedagogy, tutelage and finer edification, (which is ever only available here on Thurles.Info); John (Jack) Robinson was Lord Mayor of London in 1662, and was also Constable of the Tower of London, latter a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.
Same Mr Robinson built a much loved reputation for being able to speedily condemn a felon, before having him swiftly transported to the Tower, to have his head severing off. [Nice friendly sort of guy.]

Meanwhile, even the signposts got a rub of a wet dishcloth.
Result, within two hours, one pristine, immaculate and shining Sliabh na mBan Meadows estate.

Well done folks, community spirit lives on in Thurles.


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