Five Great Irish Giggles & Pranks On April Fool’s Day.

Today is April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day has been a tradition across different countries and cultures for centuries. Although it’s exact origin is debated, one most likely theory goes back as far as 1582.

In that year, the French switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. Under the Julian Calendar the new year began with the Spring equinox around April 1st. Under the Gregorian Calendar the new year began on January 1st. People who were unaware of the change or refused to follow the Gregorian calendar were deemed “April Fools” and subject to much ridicule.

Centuries later, on this particular April Fool’s Day, we could all do with an extra laugh. With this in mind, we thought we would share some funny pranks and giggles courtesy of Irish TV and YouTube.

Please be advised that some of the hilarious sketches hereunder contain crude language.

Brendan Grace and “The Wedding”.

The late, great Brendan Grace was one of Ireland’s best comedians. His hilarious sketch “The Wedding” will have you in stitches and it was a firm favourite of the world famous singer Frank Sinatra. In 1989, Sinatra performed in Dublin and at the after show party, Grace supplied the entertainment. Sinatra was so impressed he convinced Grace to travel to the USA. See hereunder.

Pat Shortt and “Lost in Limerick”.

No list of Irish giggles would be complete without a contribution from our very own Thurles native Pat Shortt. It’s well worth subscribing to his YouTube channel for a guaranteed regular laugh. Shortt’s latest sketches explore the lighter side of the Covid- 19 pandemic, chief among them is “Lost in Limerick”. See hereunder,

Cork’s 96FM Prank Call Series, “The Car Wash”.

Many unsuspecting members of the public here in Munster have been victims of a prank call from Cork’s 96FM over the years. This is among their most hilarious prank calls and involves a Car Wash owner and a customer who rings claiming that his car wash got his engine wet. This call takes an even more ridiculous turn when the “customer” goes to take a look at his petrol tank. It really is hilarious and it’s easy to see why it has 100K views on YouTube (Listen HERE).

RTÉ2’s The Fear and “That’s Not My Son”.

In this very funny prank from the hidden camera show “The Fear” on RTÉ2, an unsuspecting couple try their best to negotiate with the Gardaí who want to drop off their son to finish off the final three months of his prison sentence, under their roof as part of a new house arrest scheme. The problem is that the prisoner is not the couple’s son but he claims otherwise. Click HERE to view this hilarious prank.

Funny Fails on RTÉ Television.

Some of the biggest giggles are often unintended ones and RTÉ has delivered its fair share over the years. Click HERE to view a compilation of their most infamous and funniest fails.


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