Bottle Bank In Parnell Street Thurles Overflowing Again.

We pointed this Thurles bottle bank problem out less than 5 weeks ago, on February 22nd last, resulting in the area being cleaned. Four weeks later, it is back to square one.

Filthy dirty glass collection containers sit, once again packed to overflowing, with bottles falling out and broken glass littering the ground.

“Covert CCTV will Capture Offenders”.

On these filthy, dirty bins; in large white and yellow lettering, we read a sign declaring, “Do not leave boxes or bags – full or empty. Covert CCTV will capture offenders”.

Same sign now raises at least 4 obvious questions:

  • Does the public €100,000 Thurles CCTV system work correctly; either throughout the town or in the Parnell Street Carpark area? [We asked this question first back in 2017. No reply received].
  • If working, why then can those employed to operate the CCTV, not observe that the bin containers are full to capacity, spewing out part of their intended load?
  • If “Covert CCTV will capture offenders” why the need for private individuals to phone 1800 20 26 27, to inform contracted collectors that their unhygienic bins are overflowing?
  • Surely, if local citizens actively carry out their civic duty, showing concern for the condition of their local community, then should they not be actively encouraged and fully supported in their actions?

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