Second Extension For Expiring Driving Licences

Due to the the latest COVID 19 crisis and its ongoing associated lockdown restrictions, an extension is to be granted for expired and expiring driver licences.

The extension will apply to most drivers and licence categories. In addition, licence holders who were already granted an extension may be eligible for a second extension.

Please note however that there is no further extension to learner permits at this point.

You do not need to do anything to avail of the extension of the expiry date as your driver record will be automatically updated and you will not be subject to penalty. Neither will you be issued with a new licence.

You can check the expiry date and earliest renewal date of your current licence on the expiry date calculator HERE.
Drivers who are not eligible for an extension to their licence must renew it by appointment at an NDLS centre, see HERE.

For more information visit HERE.


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