Tipperary County / Municipal District Councillors – For your Information.

Please read the link shown HERE.

[No laughing please, this is not a laughing matter.]

What you have read is a statement sent to with the keyword or hashtag ‘potholes‘.

Everyone knows that do not fill potholes, so we must assume that Councillor Mr Jim Ryan in his statement, was in contact with them, simply to build his dwindling profile as a public representative.

In this statement Councillor Mr Jim Ryan congratulates, quote, “our local District Engineer and his outdoor team for all that they have done within the district and they are fully aware of these roads and have been filling in potholes, but the problem is that these works are getting washed away with heavy rain.” [No mention of the ‘Double Ditch’ issue, latter situated 2 minute walking time from Mr Ryan’s home; to]

Truth is “local District Engineer and his outdoor team” do not know how to fill a pothole. Too much cold tarmac sitting above in their yard.

No Sir, Councillor Mr Jim Ryan; these slovenly works are being unravelled by heavy traffic e.g. large tractors wheels, heavy laden cattle trucks, eighteen wheeler container trucks, not to mention inadequate drainage; before this ‘maintenance team’ reaches the next pothole.

Reported by : George Willoughby (Not a local councillor [MDCC]).

Attention Tipperary County / Municipal District Councillors – Please Take Special Note.

Councillers, I am aware that you have received very little training during this COVID-19 pandemic, (except on how to fill-in claims for salary and expenses). So carefully try to learn, the correct way to report Pot Hole issues, Broken Pavements, Street Lighting, Fly Tipping, Rotten Trees, Weeds, and unacceptable Road Surfaces.

Go to the link shown HERE.

The beauty of this link is that you must supply your name and email address, thus automatically giving you a God-like profile in time for the next local election, when you continuously report an issue.

If the issue has already been reported then they will inform you. The race is on — first to report the issue and get your profile promoted. [See picture above, look who stole the fame, renown and prestige resulting from this great achievement.] and I won’t need to go running to TippFM or, since none of the latter undertake any road repairs, whatsoever.

Should any County / Municipal District Councillor need help operating the programming on FixMyStreet , we here at Thurles.Info will be happy to assist (for a small Fee of course).

We also reported the “Crater at Turtulla Cross”, latter which has been ignored for seven weeks, by “local District Engineer and his outdoor team“.

Report confirmation again received by : George Willoughby

I should point out that any frustraited motorist can contact the site FixMyStreet to report an issue. This also helps when you are seeking compensation for damage to their vehicle or a death caused due to neglected road works.
Tipperary Co. Council or TII can no longer use the excuse in court, “We were not aware of the problem”, since the MYGOV website FixMyStreet notify the relative authority immediately and also notify the person making the complaint of any future progress.

Who needs money wasting, powerless, County / Municipal District Councillors in the 21st century?
We can do their work and eradicate Local Property Tax charges.


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