Former Tipperary Family Connection Associated With New British Educational Scheme

Beginning September 2021; the British government has committed some 100 million sterling to a new study and work abroad programme for students, to be known as the ‘Turing Scheme’.

The Turing Scheme gets its name from Alan Turing OBE. FRS. a brilliant mathematician, cryptographer and founder of modern day computer science and artificial intelligence, whose family once resided at Tombrickane, Kyle Park, Borrisokane, North Co. Tipperary.

Click HERE to read more about the man with the Tipperary connection, who according to British statesman, Sir Winston Churchill, shortened World War II, by at least 2 years and single handedly saved the lives of some 2 million people.

Same Turing Scheme is set to replace the UK’s participation in Erasmus+. This new Turing Scheme aims to fund 35,000 students in universities, colleges, and schools abroad. Educational institutions are welcome to begin applying to participate in this scheme this year affording British students the opportunity to attend European universities.

Erasmus+ remains the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. With the UK unable to agree on the cost of their continued participation in Erasmus+, the programmes budget is now no longer available for participation to British students.


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