Domestic Waste Dumped In Thurles Litter Bins

Domestic Waste being deposited in Thurles litter bins

Public litter bins in Thurles, packed to capacity, were emptied over Christmas, but not by local council employees. No, rather same were emptied by a complex low pressure system, named Storm Bella, which tracked eastwards over our town, before tracking south-eastwards towards the North Sea.

However, in Storm Bella emptying these bins and scattering their contents all over the town, we discover that same are being used for getting rid of domestic household waste, including food stuff.

The bin shown in the picture above near the “Swinging Gates” on the junction of Emmet Street and Thomond Road, shows contents including bread, aubergine skins and used sanitation wipes.

Further along Thomond Road; today’s cold light breeze was playing with tea boxes, dribbling them to and fro along the footpath, together with plastic toilet roll wrappers.

Question: With no person taking responsibility for Thurles Town presently, why do we continue to pay property tax?


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