Further Correspondence In Relation To Thurles Famine ‘Double Ditch’

In the interests of openness and transparency we would like to publish three communication received, two by email, together with my two replies; and one in a comment sent in relation to the ‘Great Famine Double Ditch’ enquiry.

Let me first deal with the comment received from Fianna Fáil TD Mr Jackie Cahill.

Mr Cahill’s comment to this website today posted exactly as shown here, (Including the spelling mistakes): –

Author: Jc
Iv done more in 5 years than you have in youre life GEORGIE WILLOBY. Stop emailing.

Mr Cahill you are correct, unlike you, I have never taken €1,800 per week in salary, plus expenses, from the public purse while masquerading as an elected politician.

I have honoured Mr Cahill TD’s wishes, in the full knowledge that same Mr Cahill never answers any correspondence sent to his email account. However, perhaps Mr Cahill could name just one project that he has been successful in bringing to fruition in the last 5 years, while earning his €1,800 per week.

P.S. JCGet that €2.5 million tourism achievement piece of text changed on your Facebook to at least the correct figure of €25,000, despite the fact that you were not involved in the slightest in same acquisition.

The first of two email communications came from Mr David Coleman (Ethics Registrar, Tipperary County Council.)

Same reads: –

Dear Mr. Willoughby,

Your email of 27th September below refers.

Your query concerning the response you received in relation to the “Thurles Double Ditch” has been referred to the Thurles District Administrator for follow up with the relevant Directorate as is your request for a copy of the 3 documents referenced.

I wish to confirm that I am the Ethics Registrar for Tipperary County Council with effect from 1st June 2020 and as previously advised, legislation requires that this position is not held by the same person for a period longer than 2 years, hence the reason that you would have been initially informed that Mr Ger Walsh was previously the Ethics Registrar. Unfortunately, our website had not been updated at the time but I can advise that this has now been rectified.

As I have previously stated, each of the seven elected members of the Thurles Municipal District were reminded of their requirement to have regard to and be guided by the Code of Conduct.

Regarding the Council officials you asked questions of, the reply which you received from the Acting District Manager included relevant input from these officials and going forward, similar queries concerning the Thurles Municipal District area should be sent in the first instance to the Thurles District Administrator for coordination and direct reply to yourself.

Yours Sincerely
David Coleman (Ethics Registrar)

My email reply to Mr Coleman read: –

For the attention of Mr David Coleman.

Thank you for your communication of the 8th instant.

Following your instruction to Ms Janice Gardiner, the material requested 3 weeks ago, (September 17th), was forwarded to me yesterday, October 9th.

From reading the content received it is obvious why the material was slow to materialise.

As you are aware, as yet no satisfactory reply to my question has come from Ms Gardiner.

Note the question was: – “Will the planned Thurles inner relief road impinge, in a negative way, on the 1846 Thurles “Double Ditch”, which has been a right of way and a Mass Path for almost 175 years and which is the property of the people of Thurles and a National Monument?”

However, following my own intensive investigations I am now fully aware of the answer to that latter question. A reply from Ms Gardiner and all other elected local councillors and Co. Council officials are no longer required.

However, I thank you for your swift intervention in this matter as Ethics Registrar for Tipperary County Council.

Yours sincerely,
George Willoughby

The second email communication arrived on Friday last, October 9th, 2020, from Ms Janice Gardiner (Acting District Administrator, Thurles Municipal District, Tipperary County Council, Castle Avenue, Thurles, Co. Tipperary).

This communication read: –

Dear Sir,
Please see attached documents as requested.

Janice Gardiner

For Your Information: – Documents requested were: –

  • An Bord Pleanala Report PL79.JP0024
  • 2013 EIA Screening Report
  • 2013 Archaeological Impact Statement.

My email reply to Ms Gardiner read: –

Attention of Ms Janice Gardiner.


I acknowledge and thank you for your communication of the 9th instant and the attachments, first requested on September 17th 2020 last.

Yours sincerely.
George Willoughby

In the next day or two, the results of my investigations will be published here in full detail.


1 comment to Further Correspondence In Relation To Thurles Famine ‘Double Ditch’

  • Dennis

    This really is extraordinary stuff on every level ………does Mr Cahill know or realise that he’s a PUBLIC SERVANT?…… His email to you is beyond belief

    One other thing, among many, that puzzles me and it’s this……most politicians are by nature opportunists whether they personally believe in something or not, they’ll support a cause if they think it’s going to benefit them, or enhance their reputation in the eyes of the public…. in short they’ll at least pay lip service…. so taking this line of thought further, and purposefully wearing a cynical hat, I’m amazed none of the elected representatives in question have actually seen the Thurles Double Ditch as something to be exploited and well worth their time to get involved in…… naturally it would be preferable if these elected people were genuinely moved by this piece of Thurles history but on any stance, honest, cynical or otherwise I’m compelled to ask myself , are they all completely brain dead?

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