New Thurles Recycling Centre At Last Opens For Business

It was number 3 of three questions sent to individual Templemore/Thurles Municipal District Councillors, and TD’s, by Thurles.Info some 7 weeks ago, which went for the most part unanswered. The question:- “Which Municipal District Councillor is responsible for delaying the Thurles Recycling Civic Amenity, which this town so badly needs?”

[Note: Question No 2 was previously answered. View HERE.]

Thurles.Info had repeatedly pointed out that staff sent out to check who did or didn’t have ‘Recycling bins’ was a foolish idea and a total waste of tax payers money by Tipperary Co Council. Three seater couches, washing machines and motor mowers etc. do not fit into recycling / waste bins. They do however fit into car trailors and 5 door saloon vehicles; the result major fly-tipping in remote scenic country areas after dark.

Thurles Recycling Centre opens for business

For several years we here at Thurles.Info have sought for a civic amenity site to be operated by the local authority, same to be located here in Thurles. We became aware from those anxious to provide such a service that they were being frustrated by one or more elected local representatives. We are also happy to see that Cabragh-Ballycurrane Residents Association are no longer in dispute and have sorted out their initial objections, lodged back in October 2012.

This week a new Thurles Recycling Centre has at last materialised, located and easily accessible in the former Thurles Sugar Factory, in an area formerly occupied by Dinan’s Timber yard and Tipperary Pipes.

This new venture is being operated by Mr Ray Nally of the same Killenyarda Construction, and we are informed it will provide a fully regulated and compliant bring-centre, accessible to both home owners, businesses and others wishing to dispose of their waste in a proper environmentally friendly manner.

You can view the new Thurles Recycling Centre website HERE or if you have any queries requiring answers, why not give them a call on TEL: 0504 22826 or 089 6175941.

Note: The Thurles Recycling Centre Opening Hours are:-
Tuesday-Friday: 08.30am – 5.00pm.
Saturday: 08.30 am – 2.00 pm


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