Update – Failure By Elected Thurles Councillors To Reply To Queries

Non Productive Tipperary TD’s & Councillors Commanding Large Salaries For No Work

In keeping with our decision stated yesterday, September 7th 2020; we have forwarded an email to Mr Ger Walsh (Ethics Registrar /Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Service, Tipperary Co. Council.) as advised by the Standards In Public Office Commission (SIPO).
The email contained details of the refusal by Co. Councillors and officials within the Templemore / Thurles Municipal District to answer pertinent questions.

This refusal demonstrates a pattern of attitudes and behaviour from those concerned, that leaves the local electorate feeling that they are worthless or wanting of any real consideration. Such behaviour from those responsible can no longer be tolerated.

Note: The video shown above was first uploaded on October 28th 2019. Since that date this area has suffered further deterioration becoming progressively worse in its neglect. This is despite being visited by Ms Roisin O’Grady (Tipperary Heritage Officer & Creative Ireland Coordinator) in November 2019.

In the interests of full transparency, the full content of my communication with Mr Walsh is published hereunder for our readers to peruse.

To: Mr Ger Walsh: (Senior Executive Officer, Corporate Service, Tipperary Co. Council).

Perhaps the link shown herewith, will explain some of the issues and failures which I have experienced over a number of weeks and months with Local Elected Councillors.

I now respectfully request that each of the offending elected councillors, reply to my 3 questions, apologising for their failure, nay refusal, to previously do so.

You will be aware from my post, that this issue was correctly attended to and dealt with by Cllr. S. Hanafin and Cllr. S. Ryan, with whom I have no difficulty.

Code of Conduct for Councillors ( )

In the interests of fairness, truth and full transparency, all replies received in writing or by email will be published on Thurles.Info
[Note: Both my home address and my email address were included in the communication.]

I understand that the failure by Teachtaí Dála (TD’s) is a matter for the Houses of the Oireachtas (Committee on Members Interests not yet set up)

I thank you, in anticipation, for your attention to this matter.
Should you have any difficulty regarding this issue; please instruct me further.

Yours faithfully,
George Willoughby

We learned from legal counsel, sought last week, that Under the Roads Act 1993, it is the responsibility of Tipperary County Council not only to protect but also to maintain the public’s right to access Public Rights-of-Way, in each local authority area.

More on this issue to follow.


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