Alan Kelly Describes Covid-19 New Government Restrictions As “Stupid”

Kelly, one other Tipperary TD “away with the fairies.”

“Demoralising” and “Stupid” is how Labour leader Mr Alan Kelly described the Government’s decision to ban spectators at sporting events today; proving once again that he remains totally out of touch, with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, while demonstrating maximum contempt for, not just front line health workers, but also for the elderly and those vulnerable.

Demonstrating contempt for vulnerable people is nothing new for members of the Irish Labour Party, latter eagerly demonstrating, while in coalition, and characterised by a plethora of continuous broken promises surrounding the protection of vulnerable people.

This is the leader of a political party who failed to deliver, while in government, on even one of Labours electoral promises e.g. maintaining levels of child benefit; maintaining disabled incomes; water charge fiasco; thus quickly aggravating a frustrated electorate, who reduced Labours Dáil seats from 37 to a mere 7.

An Taoiseach Mr Micheál Martin announced today, following sound advice from the Irish National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) that, until at least September 13th next, no one can attend sport events as a spectator.

Mr Kelly, whom as far as we are aware has no medical qualification whatsoever, and indeed no solutions to any problems either, has called the government’s decision publicly a “complete joke” claiming our National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) have not got their “finger on the pulse”; while also claiming the decision taken by government in relation to sporting events is stupid because “how many 80-year-old people can stream sporting events?”

So should we send 80-year-olds to crowded match venues, when even they are being asked to avoid large gatherings? Thankfully Mr Kelly is not even the leader of the opposition, if such a post actually exists.

Mr Kelly, who was only narrowly elected last time out, as a Tipperary TD, and whose Labour Party of just 7 remaining seats, refused to enter the present government; is attempting to use populist rhetoric, in his effort to attract back the thousands of once Labour party voters, driven by his failed party, into the loving arms of Sinn Féin.

Then maybe on the other-hand people won’t be as familiar with his brother, Declan Kelly, whose American corporation, “Teneo” is prominently displayed on Tipperary Hurling jerseys; no doubt making everyone think of Mr Alan Kelly (AK47), except at Labour party election time.

Time to cocoon, while viewing a rerun of the American TV series “House of Cards” Mr Kelly, or maybe time to take your bulky pension and go away, Mr Kelly.


4 comments to Alan Kelly Describes Covid-19 New Government Restrictions As “Stupid”

  • Dennis

    “Banning spectators from outdoor sporting events “bizarre” says professor (Kingston Mills, professor of experimental immunology at Trinity College, Dublin – source Irish Times 19th August

    No, not quite the same as TD Alan Kelly’s remarks – but bizarre might be interpreted as stupid in some quarters…..still, I take your point…….and Kelly won’t be the first or last politician of any persuasion to speak before he thinks during this ongoing crisis……….I live in the UK -so I know all about politicians demonstrating contempt for vulnerable people……..we have Johnson to listen to – if/when he turns up – nuff said!

  • George Willoughby

    Norway’s Foreign Minister today states that his country is imposing a 10-day quarantine on travellers coming from Ireland and England, due to rising Covid-19 cases.

  • Dennis

    Well from Norway’s perspective that decision makes perfect sense……..and to my inexpert eye I fear we will need to take many more backwards steps before we can make any forwards ones – we shall see in due course

  • George Willoughby

    I totally agree. We are in this for the long haul.

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