Bank Of Ireland Customers Beware

Bank of Ireland customers need to be aware of a text message sent out today, here in Co. Tipperary.

The text message appears to be fraudulent, attempting to gain access to your bank details.

The message offers no sender information.

The message and accompanying threat reads: – [365 ONLINE] We were unable to process your last payment. Please go to and complete verification to avoid suspension.

This message should be deleted immediately. Remember if your bank wants you they will send you a letter, asking you to call to their office.

Do Remember: BOI banks or indeed any other bank, as far as I know, do not send text messages to customers; and certainly never on Sundays.


2 comments to Bank Of Ireland Customers Beware

  • Michael

    Thanks for the news George

  • John

    I got this too. It was suspicious in that it didn’t name which payment was unprocessed, and the URL seemed sketchy. Thanks for verifying that it was a scam. BOI might want to send an alert.

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