Covid-19 Update: Sat. 8th Aug. 2020 – 1 New Death – 174 New Cases

“Keep fighting hard against Covid-19 virus”

This evening, the Department of Health has confirmed that there has been 1 new death caused by this pandemic, leaving the overall death toll here in the Republic of Ireland remaining at 1,772.

However, as we forecast yesterday, there are 174 new additional cases reported to the Department of Health, leaving the current total number of confirmed cases, since conception, at 26,644.

See increased cases by County, per the Covid-19 National Survey, over the past 24 hours.
Counties are in alphabetical order.
Case numbers shown are based on yesterday’s count and do not include the new cases confirmed today.

Carlow 180 (Up 1 Case); Cavan 878 (Up 2 Cases); Clare 401 (unchanged); Cork 1,575 (unchanged); Donegal 482 (Up 4 Cases); Dublin 12,569; (Up 5 Cases); Galway 499 (unchanged); Kerry 318 (unchanged); Kildare 1,680 (Up 35 Cases); Kilkenny 357 (Up 1 Case); Laois 322 (Up 4 Cases); Leitrim 85 (unchanged); Limerick 616 (Up 3 Cases); Longford 288 (unchanged); Louth 797 (Up 2 Cases); Mayo 583 (unchanged); Meath 835 (Up 4 Cases); Monaghan 542 (Up 1 Case); Offaly 523 (Up 8 Cases); Roscommon 346 (unchanged); Sligo 153 (unchanged); Tipperary 546 (unchanged); Waterford 166 (unchanged); Westmeath 681 (Up 1 Case); Wexford 237 (Up 6 Cases) and Wicklow 713 (Up 2 Case).

View HERE for further up dates.

Stay Safe.


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